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Is there a minimum budget to work with Corrion Prestige?

We’re happy to hear from you no matter what your custom home budget or project size.

Does Corrion Prestige provide firm tenders?

Yes, all of our custom home build clients are provided with a professionally prepared tender. If we’re designing your project, this is supplied to you once the design is finalised. We can also supply you with a firm ‘construction only’ tender if you have already prepared plans from another designer or architect.

Does Corrion Prestige construct its own custom homes?

Yes – at Corrion we design, construct and guarantee our custom homes. We can do the lot.

How long does the whole custom home building process take?

Approximately 12-18 months depending on the size and complexity of your new custom home. The design/quoting stage may take 2-3 months, followed by approximately 3-4 months in council and around 9-12 months for construction.

Do we need to have plans prepared before we contact Corrion Prestige?

No. Our very talented designer will create a unique custom home design that meets your needs.

What types of houses does Corrion Prestige build?

Because we’ve been designing and constructing custom residential buildings for more than 30 years, we can offer our clients almost any style they require, especially unique designs to suit difficult and sloping sites.