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This is by far the most popular and economical solution for people that dream of a new home but do not want to lose their location, friends and memories by moving to a new suburb. Renovations are a cheaper option but there is really nothing that compares with a new home.


Corrion is the leading builder in Sydney’s Southern suburbs for `Knock Down and Rebuilds` on sloping and difficult sites.


Many builders find sloping sites too difficult to build on. They just don`t have the expertise for these challenging sites. In fact many of our happy clients have been referred to us from other builders that prefer level sites.


Corrion are different. We offer our clients 30 years of expertise in building on sloping sites. Our saying here is “We Love Sloping Sites”. We can knock down an old house and rebuild a beautiful home on almost any site. A sloping site can present you with exciting opportunities to build a unique split level, individual home.


The new homes that we build are designed to follow the natural contours of the sloping site. We have a very creative designer who includes as much of your ‘wish list’ as possible. You can include a swimming pool, alfresco entertaining area, complete landscaped gardens or whatever you like.
We can do the lot for you.


We can design and build a home that has everything you ever wanted, on the property you now live on.



KNOCK DOWN & REBUILD We love sloping sites!


Generally speaking, there are 3 types of sloping sites that we can design and then build split-level homes for: Upslope, Downslope & Sideslope.


Why Choose Corrion ?


At Corrion we custom design homes for your sloping site “to suit most budgets”.


As one of the true specialist builders who have designed and built so many beautiful homes on sloping sites. Corrion have the experience and expertise to know the most economical ways to deliver your dream home.


Every Corrion prestige is unique meaning no two houses are the same! This means you get your own individually designed home built to your budget.


Special Offer: Free Sloping Site Inspection


If you’d like one of our team to drive out and see your site and the building that needs knocking down, we are happy to provide this free and friendly advice to you with no cost or obligation. It’s a service we’re happy to provide.


On seeing your site we can tell you

(a) if we can knock down the existing building
(b) if we can build on your site, and
(c) give you some estimates on how much it may be.


Plus we can answer any other questions you may have. If anyone can known down and rebuild on a difficult site we can – hopefully your budget will allow us to build what you want. Our past clients have loved this service, so it’s something we’d love to offer you.


Once again – this is a free service with no cost or obligation. Just fill in your details on the right and we’ll contact you to organise a time to meet you on your site.


For more information about what we do, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Corrion Prestige.

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